Programs, Products & Events – Oh My!

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes. 

Lisane is not only an entrepreneur but a community leader who leads with compassion and purpose. Most recently she has led important conversation on social justice, mental and emotional health during crisis, and empowered action to repairing generational traumas through her platform and virtual programs via Shaping Freedom®

Speaking For Change

Lisane is invested in supporting social change at a global level. She’s choosing to speak in support of emotional, mental and spiritual health and care.

Creating Containers

Whether a weekly meditation or virtual town-hall Lisane is creating and holding space for emotional release and personal development.

Shaping Sanctuary™

A line of home wellness products to support creating physical space for release, relaxation and reflection. Launching summer of 2021. 

Stay Tuned!

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Empowering Change-Makers

Through her ledership at Hera Hub Carlsbad and abroad, Lisane is influencing the way entrepreneurs and change-makers expand their potential.

Curating Legacy

Co-Administer (along with her sister and with the support of their step-mother) of the Jean-Michel Basquiat Estate. The role of which is to honor their brother by maintaining and enhancing his legacy and to make his art more accessible to audiences throughout the world.

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